TechEd 2006 - Day 1 - Let the bacteria begin!

So it’s TechEd and here we are in Boston. We went out and grabbed some food last night at Bertucci’s, a local brick oven delight (hey, any Italian restaurant that has a website is aces in my books). Absolutely great food and walking distance to the hotel. While walking there we passed by Trinity Church, the Boston Public Library, and a few other churches that look like they were built sometime around the creation of man. Incredible architecture so I’m going to be snapping a lot of pics this week.


The hotel is awesome and on the TechEd circuit so we’ll be able to grab a bus anytime. We’ll see how the buses go. At PDC they were great, and ran all the time so hopefully thing will go as smoothly. The Lenox hotel looks great and is a good size with free WiFi (take that airports!). We do have two beds as James decided it wasn’t going to be Planes, Trains, Automobiles for us. It’s a good view out the west window and the weather has cleared up this morning from the rain we had last night.

TechEd - The Hotel Room

Finally today is the first day of our bacteria experiment. I was in a store at the Minneapolis airport and spotted the oddest thing. Bacteria Farm! It’s a kit you can grow bacteria (complete with it’s petri dishes) and Jo-Jo the dog faced boy who sports the cover was just calling out for me. I think it was the American Gothic flavour it had on the box with Jo-Jo holding his pitchfork dressed in overalls that did it for me. I’m just hoping James and I don’t look like Jo-Jo by the end of the week and the completion of the experiment. Watch for bacteria updates all week long, as we now have a purpose here in Boston.

Bacteria Farm!

As for the bacteria itself, they’re just so darn incredibly cute. Like those cute Sea Monkey ads from the comics in the 70s, these critters are just so cuddly (even if they are 0.0001 inches in size). Look at them? How can you not love these guys, even if they will kill a 180 pound man (or water buffalo) in 120 seconds.

Bacteria people

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