TechEd 2006 - Day 2 - Learn, Lather, Rinse, Repeat

The morning was odd as there were little bags with newspapers in them on our hotel room door. Wonder if it’s a cult thing or something?

Bagged newspapers

Well, we made it the first day but today is the crunch. I’m just hanging in the TLC area for Office after stopping briefly in a couple of sessions (I seemed to be the only ScrumMaster at Peter Provosts’ Adopting Agile in the Enterprise talk). I’ll here my SharePoint Forums up and running on Office 2007 and there are a few people that wanted to see it so stop by and grab me if I have it ready. Had a quick breakfast with AC (god that boy can eat) and met Heather Solomon for the first time (Hi Heather!). So many more people to meet, so little time.

P.S. Yeah, AC I lied about posting your pic on my blog. Get over it.

Andrew Connell and breakfast

My laptop seems to be acting up with my mouse flying all over the place. I’m looking for a place in Boston to pick up one of the new Microsoft Laser mice (with the zoom feature button which is great for presentations) so if anyone knows where I can get one (they only have some craptastic travel mouse at the conference store) let me know.

The Office TLC at TechEd 2006

Back later with some goings on about the chalk talks here on SharePoint and what’s happening. I’ll be in the TLC (officially) between 5–9 PM today but wandering around between then, so drop by and we’ll do SharePoint finger puppets.

BTW, I am uploading the 8,000 photos I’m taking at the conference on my Flickr site. All of the TechEd ones are tagged with “teched2006” and in a TechEd set here. Feel free to comment, link to, and otherwise hammer the Flickr folks.

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