TechEd 2006 - Day 2 - Too much lobster, not enough cabs

Today was pretty busy and I really don’t have time to get into a long diatribe about the events of the day so I thought I would share a photo journal of some of the highlights. The day started out okay, and the crowds filled up fast. Although it’s odd there were more people going down than going up? What does that say for the conference? More stuff happening on the bottom floor? A deadly gas in the lower levels that cause less people to use escalators? Can’t say the traffic was the same by the end of the evening.

Loaded elevators

Carl Franklin and co. put on their live broadcast of .NET Rocks today with the guys from Team System who put the Database version together.

Visual Studio Database Edition

Here Carl is hacking into the sound system because, well, he’s Carl.

Carl hacks in

Of course what’s a photo blog without Fitz as he does his best Blue Man Group impression and blends into the background during one of his chalk talks.

Fitz and the bluescreen effect

We had an MVP dinner at a place called Anthony’s. Great food, great company, but they seem to have a very strict way of serving. For instance they wouldn’t let someone have a hand towel who didn’t have the lobster, even though it was available. Anyways, here’s Jim from Microsoft who’ll be presenting later this week. Evil looking, but he’s a PM on SharePoint so what do you expect?

Jim gets caught off guard

Todd Bleeker. International Man of Mystery. What can I say? A crazy man at the podium (some say even crazier than me).

Todd Bleeker, crazy man on the podium

Todd Bleeker, the man with a plan.

Later that night at the dinner he had the same expression on his face, but I just couldn’t resist snapping his pic. Nice expression lobster boy!

Todd Bleeker, lobster boy

This photo blog was brought to you by the letters W, S, and S and the number 3.

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