TechEd 2006 - Day 6 - Boston Walkabout

It was quiet as things wrapped up here at TechEd in Boston.

Since I came to the city, I was taken aback from the rich architecture and history in the town so as I made my way back to the hotel this afternoon, I took a small walkabout the city.


There’s a feature called the Freedom Trail, a 2 1/4 mile line (mostly brick, but painted in a few spots) that takes you through most of the key historical landmarks of the city (various graveyards, churches, Paul Reveres house, etc.) so it was a good walk.


I see dead people.


You can check out my entire Boston set here from the week which is mostly focused on the sights of the city. 64 pics and 6 hours of walking today, includes various street performers, architecture, small children, old historic buildings, new shiny buildings, boston common, and dead people. Not bad for a way to wind down a technical event.


Back later with The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from TechEd.

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