TechEd 2006 - Day 7 - Wrapup and Bacteria Farm update

Holy crap I’ve been blogging quite a bit while I was here. It’s amazing how much gobbly-gook you can spit out and time you can waste at these things. Here’s a wrapup of my posts for the week:

And here’s my blogging partner and hotel roomie James and his entries:

Hope you enjoyed TechEd as much as we did. We’re off to the airport shortly (well, James is still sleeping and there’s a shower with my name on it waiting) where we’ll have a grand time playing Marco Polo finding free hotspots and making fun of Bostonians.

If you didn’t get a chance to be here yourself, I hope you lived vicariously through me since that’s what my purpose on this planet is, being a geek channel.

Oh yeah, the Bacteria Farm is growing. We planted the seeds with our MacGuyver hotel room techniques on July 11 when we got in, and left the bacteria to gestate for the week, checking on it from time to time. Here’s what it looked like last night:


Okay, it’s hard to see but basically we had some nice growth out of petri dish #3 and #5. This was bacteria scientifically gathered from the base of the toilet (who says hotel room bathroom floors are clean enough to eat off of) and the window sill outside our room (lots of dirt there). There was no growth from my shoe (even after a day of walking around TechEd, way to go convention cleaners!), the sink drain, or from inside my mouth. The empty petri dish from the bacteria inside my mouth is a little disturbing. I mean, am I still alive? With all that saliva and left over twinkie bits, you think something would grow from there. Oh well, live and learn.

The growth is now soupy goo so we’re going to dump it into the wonderful Boston water system. If anyone in Boston gets sick over the next few days after drinking water or taking a shower, feel free to blame me. Not an entirely controlled experiment but it beats the heck out of watching paint peel on those lonely TechEd days.

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