Thanks for the help!

Thanks to everyone who responded to my testers for the SharePoint Forums Web Part. I have 10 lucky stiffs… errr, people now and will be getting them a copy for final testing. Sorry about the delays but it’s been an uphill battle sometimes. Of course SharePoint security didn’t co-operate with me the way I planned so that had to be scrapped and redone at the last minute. Never can plan for these things.

As for schedule now, the testers will get a copy (sans documentation) in their hot little hands shortly. I’ll be doing some small fixes but mostly I’m away all weekend in Vancouver taking in the sun. On Monday I’ll sift through what the testers come up with and, if all goes well, put together a proper release for you the beginning of next week. Again, apologies for the delays but it’ll be worth the wait.

Of course once that’s out the door, I still have SharePoint Builder to finish and get out to everyone (the projects never seem to end) and still will be getting the SharePointForge site up and running full steam, along with the other dozen or so little projects tucked away on my hard drive. Nothing like being the busiest guy on the planet.

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