The Full SharePoint Monty

A good friend of mine, fellow co-worker, and all around nice guy is now blogging about SharePoint. Monty Grusendorf got setup on SharePoint Blogs a few days ago, but I was waiting for him to post something more than “Hello World” to unleash him to the cold unforgiving handful of people that stumble on this site looking for Hunter S. Thompsons’ musings. So now he’s blogged about a nice SharePoint nugget. The other day he said hey, did you know about this? While I am the wise old SharePoint guru (or the crazy old unabomber, not sure which) this information was new to me. Very cool (although it would have been much cooler with screenshots Monty, hint, hint). I won’t give away the gold so you’ll have to check out his blog to see what it’s all about. Here’s to seeing more SharePoint blogging goodness from Monty.

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