What's in a name?

I’m really digging the series of blog posts over at Coding in an Igloo (an Edmontonian) that cover Code Naming Conventions. Normally blog entries are either just talking about one thing (say the naming of classes) while others try to cram everything into on post and really don’t cover it. Here he runs the entire gammet, from soup to nuts and everything in between. It’s a very complete reference and not only has his ideas of what is works for him, but why, which is as important as to the what.

Here’s what he’s posted so far:

Next up is UI Controls which I think is always a point of discussion. I personally use the txtFirstName convention, although I flip flopped between that and the firstNameTextBox idea for awhile but landed back with the control name flair. I think UI controls is the only place where our big, fat ugly aunt from the Hungarian hills shows it’s face, and it doesn’t seem that bad?


Anyways, great series so I highly recommend following it. I’m sure at the end of the posts you could simply snag all the entries and use them as-is for your own standards.

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