ALT.NET Canada - Day 1 - Immersion

It's the first day in Calgary and the launch of our first (and hopefully not last) Open Spaces event on ALT.NET (Canada style!). We're pleased as punch to have Steven "Doc" List up here facilitating the weekend and generally keeping us nerds in check. It was a great turnout tonight with a full house and lots of great participation, questions, and discussions. calgary day 1 010

I didn't get a chance to write down this weekends sessions but they were pretty cool, ranging from DDD to build files, who needs them? I'll post the session list tomorrow morning when I get back to the University.

It was no Beijing launch events (and we didn't even have a single protester) but it was fun and friendly and it worked. I captured the opening kickoff by Doc and will continue to fill up my hard drive for some of the sessions this weekend (and then posting them online here) so you can get a sense of what Open Spaces is all about and how our little version of ALT.NET goes.

So here's my very first video capture and mini-production. Maybe future ones will have a little more polish to them. Hope you enjoy it!

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