ALT.NET Canada - Day 1 - The Marketplace

Here's the schedule of sessions for this weekend at ALT.NET Canada that the group came up with Friday night (aka The Marketplace)



10:00 11:30 2:30 4:00
Which Presentation Technology do you use? What are web technologies going to be in 2012? Telecommuting - Who wants to wear pants to work? What approaches to use for occasionally connected applications? Volunteering our software development skills to more than just open source software.
Building extensible frameworks leveraging framework consumer selectable IoC containers. Source Code Best Practices Behavior Driven Development - Tools, Practices and introducing BDD to a team WCF
Build Files - Time to give XML a break. Deployment tools, approaches, ideas. How to minimize deployment pain. Domain Driven Design chalk talk How do we design/build DDD systems across the Enterprise. Command/Query separation patterns and best practices. Domain Driven Design Birds of a Feather. Business Logic - Where the fsck do you put it?
Skills, practices, platforms, and interest in mobile apps. How can I introduce messaging to my team? Educating business about investing in sound long term software development lifecycle management. How do we bridge the IT-Business gap? WPF. Experiences, learnings, advice.


10:00 11:30
No session scheduled yet. What can we as ALT.NET do to enhance and foster the Canadian Developer Community.
Is convention over configuration important to .NET developers? What did Microsoft do wrong in 2007-2008?
Introducing good decoupling practices to a team. How to choose frameworks? Is the Microsoft one always right or wrong?
SOA. Are people still heading in this direction? Why choose Agile and how to do Agile without failing?

Some really awesome topics here and should make for some amazing discussions this weekend!

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