ALT.NET, Round 2. Redmond, Washington. April 18-20. Be there.

Title says all. We're pleased to announce the 2nd major ALT.NET Open Spaces conference. This time we're in Redmond at the DigiPen Institute of Technology. It's a 5 minute drive from the Microsoft Campus and we're looking to have some softies come down for the fun.

We start up April 18th (Friday) with the similar Open Spaces approach that was quite successful in Austin, getting together a list of topics to discuss and hammer out over the weekend. The 19th is for sessions, informal talks and whatever code mashups may come out of it. Finally we wind down on Sunday with maybe a closing session or discussion.

We've bumped up the number of first-come, first-served attendees from 120 to 150 this time. When registration opens up (sometime in early February) you'll have a chance at grabbing one of the 150 spots. Just get your name on the list. That's all. No mess. No fuss. And best of all, no cost!

Yes, the event is free again (you'll have to provide your way to the conference and any hotel bills you might incur along the way, whether it be by plane, train, or automobile).

The main website is up and running here. It's very minimalistic and not much to see there right now. Of course, that will change...

So mark it in your calendars, get your traveling boots on, and make your way to Washington in April. It'll be a blast and you know it.

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