Calgary Code Camp 2007, A Visual Journey

Just got the pics from James from the Calgary Code Camp we had this weekend so I figure I would take you on a visual journey. The Code Camp was a blast and we had a great turnout, with about 100 people showing up. Hope everyone had a great time. I had the best time co-presenting with John on XNA as we plowed through 2 sessions covering everything from starter kits, debugging, deploying, textures, meshes, audio, and everything else XNA.


What a great crowd and hey, there's JP poking his head inthe door!


The first prizes are given away. It's going to be a full day of schwag!


Donald Belcham (aka the Igloo Coder) points to the word "changes". Maybe he's about to initiate some?


Steven Rockarts bangs out his presentation on the Windsor Container.


David Woods reflects on his work.


Bruce Johnson from ObjectSharp stopped in on his way to Mix to talk about LINQ.


Jean-Paul Boodhoo rides the monorail.


Terry Thibodeau and his walk through mocks.


John Bristowe gets some help from our XBox 360s during his DataDude presentation.


James Kovacs takes a lap around TDD, mocks, and dependency injection.


Daniel Carbajal takes us through WCF.


D'Arcy Lussier can't be photographed with traditional equipment. I believe we need to get a special camera that can take pictures of the undead to be able to get a clear shot.

We also had a kick-ass display for our XNA sessions. We brought 3 XBox 360s, 3 laptops, and a backup projector just in case.


We had two projectors setup, one with the code on it and other with the Xbox output. We also had two laptops setup, I was doing the code on mine and John had his setup with the browser and powerpoint slides. All in all, we had about 18 cores running in our tiny room but it was a blast. Our setup was so large we couldn't get it in with one photo!



You can view the entire Flickr set here. Sorry for the quality of the pics but things were rushed and a lot of times I didn't turn the flash on (so as not to disturb the presentations).

I'll be following up with a post in a day or so with a wrapup of the event and download links for all the source code for our XNA sessions.

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