Calgary Code Camp 2007, no hotdogs but plenty of schwag!

If you're around or about the Calgary area this weekend what should you be doing?

  1. Meeting up with Calgarians to talk about Al Gores presentation this week on his global warming show, The Inconvenient Truth?
  2. Checking out a semi-naked Rose McGowan being beat up by Kurt Russell at 120 miles per hour in Grindhouse?
  3. Enjoying the fresh air and sunshine with your family.


You should get your geek-butts down to the Calgary Code Camp. It's this Saturday and we're ready to roll, so should you be.

What can you do at the code camp? Not only see over a dozen speakers and sessions but perhaps walk away with some truely awesome door prizes.

We're giving away about $20,000 (holy crap, that's a lot of stuff!) worth of software, hardware, books, and goodies from over a dozen sponsors including ComponentArt, Dundas, JetBrains and others.

I'm giving two fun-filled-uber-cool sessions on XNA programming so we'll be building games, doing demos, and going deep dive on the XNA content pipeline, as well as checking out some cool tools for you to start writing games for the Xbox 360 (and we'll have our 360s there for some between session gaming, Gears of War anyone?)

Oh yeah, did I mention this was... all... free! Free as in beer (or speech if you prefer).

Be there!

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