eScrum, part deux

Microsoft has come out with an update to what I consider their Gong Show release of eScrum. The new version (v1.0 as opposed to v1, go figure) has the following fixes:

  • MSI to provide a prerequisites separately during installation
  • Provided start menu link to documentation, to locate Help 
  • Provided choice to install only the process template, and/or the web application 
  • Rebuilt with latest Ajax Control Library Version 
  • Automated copy of XSS library in MSI
  • Automated creation and configuration of application pool and website in MSI
  • Automated upload of process template in MSI
  • Automated share point template setup in MSI
  • Automated creation/configuration of cache and log paths in MSI

There are still some manual steps involved but it's a vast improvement and it all sounds good, I just can't tell you first hand right now if it's all it's cracked up to be.

You can download the package from here.

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