First Post!

It's officially 2007 here in Calgary so here's my first post for the year. Kind of weird as I've been thinking it was 2007 for the last few weeks but then at the end of the year it always slows down and becomes a Christmas, shopping, family, and partying focus. No partying for me this year (maybe I've been too many times around the Sun for that) and I'm starting off the year already with a backlog of things I need to get done from last year. On top of that I'm headed to the office this morning so I don't get slammed tomorrow and have everyone sitting on their hands waiting for the ScrumMaster to finish up organizing the tasks as I have 3 Scrums on the go, 2 projects that I'm serving as lead Architect, and the plethora of other tasks in my inbox.

I'm looking at it as a challenge and something that I'm going to share with you guys every step of the way by moaning and complaining about every little thing. It'll be fun, they'll be a lot of great discoveries along the way, and there's plenty of awesome technologies, tools, and projects that are coming from yours truly so sit back, relax, and watch the screen.

Yeah, it's going to be a busy year.

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