Fun and Adventures with VMware

My most favorite feature of VMware Workstation today. The ability to right-click on a .vmdk file (VMware virtual disk file) and create a mapping to the inside of the disk contents to a new drive letter in your system. Pure goodness for pulling out files from an image when the image might not boot or you don't want to start it up.

My least favorite feature of VMware Workstation today. Resizing a parent disk when you have linked clones causes all of the linked clones to be invalidated. I needed more space in my guest OS (apparently 8Gb just doesn't cut it anymore with VS2008 and Windows Server 2008) so I used the vmware-vdiskmanager.exe console tool to expand the disk. Then found out all my linked clones were now invalid. Guess how many VMs I'm recreating this weekend?

Sometimes I feel like a nut...

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