Game Studio 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, VisualSVN, and me

If you're like me and dabble in everything, then you might have Visual Studio 2005 installed along with VisualSVN (a plug-in to integrate Subversion source control access with Visual Studio). The latest version of XNA Game Studio (2.0) now allows you to build XNA projects inside of any flavor of Visual Studio. Previously you could only use C# Express Edition, which meant you couldn't use any add-ins (the license for C# Express forbids 3rd party addons) which meant I couldn't use ReSharper. Anyone who's watched my XNA demos knows this peeves me to no end as I stumble pressing Alt+Enter to try to resolve namespaces or Ctrl+N to find some class.

Oh yeah, getting back to the point. If you've installed the latest Game Studio 2.0 you can now use it with Visual Studio 2005 (not 2008 yet). And if you've got the combo I mentioned installed (VS2005, GS2.0, and VisualSVN) you might see this when you create a new XNA project:


It's a crazy bug but I tracked it down via the XNA forums. Apparently there's a conflict if you're running the combination I mentioned. Don't ask me why a source control plugin would affect a project creation template. I just use this stuff.

Anyways, you can fix it with the latest version of VisualSVN (1.3.2). I was running 1.3.1 and having the problem, you may be in the same boat. Here's the conversation on the problem in the XNA forums; here's the bug listed on the connect site; and here's the link to VisualSVN 1.3.2 to correct the problem. All is well in developer land again as we enter the world of ReSharper goodness sprinkled with a topping of XNA.

Happy gaming!

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