Lambda? Llama? We don't need no stinkin' llamas...

Actually this post has nothing to do with llamas but Flickr never fails me:

Llama en Buenos Aires

I've been personally putting off trying to get my head around Lambda expressions in C# 3.0 for awhile as I'm trying to get everything wrapped up with what came with 2.0 however a little gem has come out of the quagmire we call the internet. My good friend Howard Dierking, not a llama but a certification guy and all around cool developer over at the evil empire, has put together an awesome explaination of Lambda expressions and C# 3.0 by walking us through what we do in 2.0 and now C# 3.0.

His explanation and example makes perfect sense, cuts down the clutter of delegate code, is easy to understand, and if you don't get it now you'll really be in trouble when the .NET 3.5 framework hits. Check out Howards blog entry here and judge for yourself.

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