MOSS and WSS RTM SDKs available now

How's that for posts with the most acronyms? It might be old news to you by now, but MS has finally released the RTM versions of the SDK documentation for both MOSS and WSS. Randall's blog has all the nitty gritty details here. He's also got a great resource called the top 10 resources for SharePoint developers (which is actually 14, who said softies could count?) so check that out here.

As for the SDKs they're final now but wait, there's more... these are the first ones outside of the original core set to be Community Content enabled. Yup, the SDKs allow you (with a passport account and the sacrifice of a willing virgin) to contribute content to any entry, any class, any method, and well... anything in the SDK. So watch for this MVP to bide his time updating the documentation as I can find time, as will others I'm sure. Very cool indeed.

You can download the SDKs directly here:

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