PrairieDevCon 2012 Sessions

As a follow-up to yesterdays note about my Windows Phone Developer Workshop (there's still room for more peeps!) here's a list of regular sessions I'm presenting at PrairieDevCon 2012.

SharePoint Client Object Model: Accessing SharePoint Externally Using JavaScript


In SharePoint 2010 there are a number of object models that can be used by developers to access the server. The Client Object Model (Client OM) is a unified model which uses the same or similar programming concepts as the Server Object Model (Server OM). The Client OM can be accessed via web services, via a client (JavaScript) API, and via REST. Everything from enumerating sites and lists, displaying list items, adding and creating content, and getting user information can be done all from the Client Object Model. In this session we'll explore the Client Object Model and create examples accessing SharePoint data using JavaScript and jQuery.

Application Design for Windows Phone


In the past year, we’ve worked with hundreds of developers and designers interpreting the "Metro" design system for their own purposes. We’ve seen great interpretations, and others that aren’t so great. In this session, we’ll share with you the foundations of great Metro application design for Windows Phone, and how to use them to build outstanding applications that will stand out and get noticed… for good reasons. We will also be providing some general best practices for building great mobile experiences.

The Marketplace – What Makes a Successful App on Windows Phone?


If you are a developer and have even thought about developing Windows Phone lately, you likely already know that every app and game that is installed on consumer Windows Phone 7.5 devices comes from the Marketplace. This is new to the traditional Windows Phone ecosystem prior to version 7, and while in some cases this does introduce a change for developers and users, there is a lot of reasons why this change is a great one. In this session, we go through both the consumer and developer/publisher experience on the Marketplace and strategies for distributing your app and game both publicly and privately. We will also provide an overview of our Marketplace presence around the world and what new countries have been introduced with the release of the new 7.5 (formerly codenamed “Mango”) update. Finally, we will provide you with strategies on how to increase the popularity of your applications and games and (if you are charging a price for your masterpiece) how to make more money.

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