Quotes from the ALT.NET conference

Unfortunately I couldn't make it out with my Agile folks to the ALT.NET conference but from the blogs, various emails and IM's and the photos it sure looked like a blast. 97 geeks (Wendy, Justice and myself couldn't make it but there were probably others) got together and partied only like geeks can do. While I wasn't there, here are some quotes that came out of the conference. Some to think deeply about, others to just... well, you decide. Remember to use this knowledge for good and not evil.

"Alt.net is in the eye of the beholder"

"Oh I spelled beer wrong" -Dave

"Savvy?" -Scott Hanselman

"Scott, it's Morts like you..." -Scott Guthrie to Scott Bellware

"Programmers Gone Wild"

"There's the butterflies: then there's the HORNETS" -B. Pettichord

"I think 'grokkable' is more soluble then solubility" -Roy Osherove

"MVC is that thing that wraps URLs"

You can view (and contribute!) the altnetconf Flickr pool here. There's also a Yahoo group setup here if you want to carry on with the discussions since Alt.net isn't only about being at a  conference.

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