So who would you cast?

I just finished watching my DVD of Red vs. Blue Season 5. I've gone through all 100 episodes of the hit internet series and it's a blast to watch. From the first moments of "why are we here?" to the chuba-thingy/puma debate to 1,000 copies of Church trying to do the right thing, the series is one of my favorites.

I was thinking this morning with all the bruhaha about the now defunct Halo movie, what if RvB was a live action flick? Of course everyone running around in full Spartan armor isn't any fun, but who would you want behind the masks? What do you think would be a good set of current actors to play our beloved Rooster Teeth characters? Here's my picks:

  • Church: The leading man of course is central to the show. Maybe Nicolas Cage could do it, but I would probably go for someone like Colin Farell or Hugh Jackman.
  • Doughnut: Doughnut is hard as he's a hard one to nail down but I might go for Jude Law or Matt Damon here.
  • Tex: Not my first choice, but Angelina Jolie might work here. Can be a bit of a tomboy but hot too (even if she is whacko)
  • Sarge: You need a rough and tough guy for this and the first person I thought of was Tommy Lee Jones, although (except for his age) Clint Eastwood could nail this.
  • Caboose: This was tough as he has to be dumb but believable. Maybe Will Farell, although he might be over the top and you might want to slot in someone like Heath Ledger.
  • Grif: I thought Mark Walberg might make a good Grif here with his off the cuff remarks and attitude.
  • Doc/O'Malley: John Lithgow as he can play a crazy evil mastermind, but he's not really military grade. I think Johnny Depp could pull this one off with flying colours or even John Travolta.

I didn't include the whole cast here, but feel free to leave your choices in the comments.

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