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What happens when you get Jeff Atwood together with Joel Splosky and give them a microphone? You get a podcast where two guys chatter about life, the universe, and computers. The inaugural episode of the new podcast is alive and kicking on a new site and covers pretty much everything. Vista; Mac; FogBuz; Microsoft is evil (really? I didn't know); 9600 baud modems; iPhone; MSN; Google; Browsers; Coke vs. Pepsi; Vista; Wikis; Hardware; The Origin of the Species. You name it, it's there and delivered in style from top guys in the industry. Poor Jeff had to fish out his credit card and install Apple software to get the podcast published on iTunes, but it's there for the world to enjoy. Just listening to the first episode on the train ride in this morning. Great stuff! Check out the site here and you can grab the first episode (direct download) here.

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