Stats, stats, stats and more stats

What else would you do on a blog in the new year than to post stats? Here's what this blogs 2006 roundup looked like:

Number of posts in 2006: 262
Number of views on all posts: 1,184,018

Over a million views for the year. Not too shabby. 

Note: Views are both aggregate views (RSS readers, etc.) and web page views so there might be some duplication but I'm not posting stats for correctness here, just popularity of posts.

Top 10 Posts:

  1. Folders bad, metadata good! (24,112 views)
  2. DotNetNuke vs. SharePoint, the big showdown (20,544 views)
  3. The Big Dummies Guide to setting your SharePoint Virtual Environment (17,560 views)
  4. Tired of SharePoint Discussions? (announcement of SharePoint Forums Web Part - 11,253 views)
  5. SharePoint Forums, go get 'em (the release of the Forums Web Part - 8,751 views)
  6. 3-tier Architecture with ASP.NET 2.0 (8,509 views)
  7. Composite UI Application Block - Soup to Nuts - Getting Started (8,293 views)
  8. SharePoint Forums Web Part (8,141 views)
  9. The Lighter Side of being an Architect (8,051 views)
  10. SharePoint Forums Language Pack (7,342 views)

While I'm not versed in the fine art of statistical analysis, it doesn't take an Acme anvil to fall on my head and show me the SharePoint Forums Web Part was quite a popular topic. Something (along with other SharePoint Web Parts) that I need to focus on early in the year to finish off the remaining work on it (that 2006 baggage I was talking about earlier).

So not a bad year for me anyways. I'm no Oren Eini (aka Ayende, this guy is a blogging engine unto himself), Hanselman, or Osherove who post like gangbusters and every post is a gem, but I'm happy with the activity I've had and I hope you've had fun reading it all. Here's to a new year of posts that will hopefully enlighten, entertain, and enrage you to no end.

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