Tree Surgeon has a new home... on CodePlex!

About a week or so ago Mike Roberts posted a note that he was no longer going to be working in the .NET world as the Java world was taking over at his company. Mike is the author of many blog posts on setting up a development tree in .NET and these blog posts spawned a tool called Tree Surgeon. As Mike was no longer going to be working in the .NET space, he threw out the gauntlet for someone to pickup the maintenance for the tool.

I picked it up as I think it's a great tool and can only improve with time. You can find the new home for Tree Surgeon here on CodePlex.

I've setup all the documentation the same as the original site along with putting out version 1.1.1 (the last release). You can grab it various flavours:

Source code is checked into CodePlex so you can grab the latest changesets from here.

There's plenty of ideas for Tree Surgeon in the coming year, so I encourage you to visit the Discussion Forums and talk about what you're interested in seeing and keeping track of (and voting on) new features and bugs via the Issue Tracker.

I've also changed the license for Tree Surgeon so it's now released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License (I'm not only a CodePlex junkie, I'm a CC one too).

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