VB.NET Version of Web Service Software Factory now available

In addition to the 800,000 RSS feeds I subscribe to I also keep an eye on downloads from Microsoft. This is so I don't miss anything that happens to come out and become the new SharePoint or something. However monitoring downloads from Microsoft is like herding cats. They come in spurts and don't make much sense to me.

For example recently the following downloadables got updates: Guidance Automation Toolkit, Guidance Automation Extensions, and the Web Service Software Factory. What's odd about it is that they were updated in the last day or so, but are still versions from back in June 2006. So what? I'm getting updates because someone edited an entry on a site somewhere. Or is there a real update here or not.

You think something like this was easy. Notify people when a "new" version is available, not just an update to the page that contains the old version. But then I'm prolly asking too much.

BTW, the Visual Basic.NET flavor of the Web Service Software Factory (the title of this blog post) is new and available here.

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