Visual Studio for Database Professionals on MSDN

Just saw that the Visual Studio for Database Professionals is on MSDN now. It RTMed earlier this week but you can download the DVD image now. Also there is the MSDN Library to accompany it and for those without a Team Suite license, a trial version is available. I'll be doing some more posts on this later as I'm doing a demo next week of it and it's cool capabilities for the DataGuy (or DataGirl) in you.

Also I found a little tip that might help you in avoiding to download the 3.2GB version. If you have a copy of Team Suite installed (not a specific flavour like Developer, Test, etc.) then you can download the file marked "Trial" (the 20MB one). When this version is installed over top of a copy of Team Suite, it becomes a full copy. Why you can do this and avoid the 3.2GB download of a DVD image is beyond me, but then I'm not into the whole marketing thing.

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