Web Service Software Factory update released

I'm a factory kinda guy. Ever since I read Keith Short's book I was enamoured with the concept of how factories work. Microsoft took the ball and got things going with the various software factories they're releasing and now they've updated their Web Service Software Factory.

The Service Factory is a cohesive collection of various forms of guidance that have been build with the primary goal of helping you build high quality connected solutions in a more consistent way with less effort. The Web Service Software Factory comes in the form of a guidance package, that allows guidance to be automated from inside Visual Studio 2005 through the use of a wizard-based dialog than can be modified (by an architect perhaps) to fit the needs of a specific solution.

You can grab the latest release here. As with other factories, you'll need the Guidance Automation Extensions installed to run the factory (and it only runs on the professional SKUs of Visual Studio, not Express).

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