WPF Application Quality Guide, Revision 4 Released

Microsoft has put together another version (this is rev 4) of their WPF Application Quality Guide, a fairly complete set of tasks and ideas around writing good quality apps using the Windows Presentation Framework.
A few things to note:

  • I don't subscribe to the sample tests they provide and think they're a bit of a joke so squint your eyes when you read the guide. For example, according to ECMA-355 standards, a new operation can never fail yet they do silly things like Assert.IsNotNull(p) on the Person object. Awesome!
  • I would never name a test PersonConstructorTest1 and hope you don't think this is a recommendation.
  • The PersonConstructorTest2 is invalid as the assert will never get called. Again, this is not a best practice or even a guide on writing unit tests. It's supposed to show you concepts around it, but we're big boys and girls now and know better than this.
  • While it's considered a "guide" they mention "best practices" but don't call it that. I don't see any difference between "guide" and "best practice" and again, don't agree with some examples in this guide so you should apply some kind of nerd-filter to it in order to make it work for you and go read a real book on writing unit tests.

Overall it's a good place to start when looking for resources on writing WPF apps and has some great links on real "Best Practices" for designers and developers. Check it out.

(thanks to Greg and The Oren Machine for comments that I've incorporated into this post)

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