XML Documentation Comment Tooltips (Wouldn't it be cool, part 5)

While I do write XML documentation comments for all my code (except throwaway stuff), I rarely actually read e.g. the CHM file generated by NDoc. But as we all know, a cool feature of VS.Net is that the content of XML documentation comments is used in various situations to display tooltips, which may look something like this:

Unfortunately, if users of my code (i.e. either other developers, or me after a couple of weeks) read only the tooltips, they may miss valuable information, e.g. descriptions of return values or remarks. The problem is that there's no way to tell whether additional information is available, so one usually assumes that it is not -- especially if you have looked a couple of times into a CHM documentation file for a specific topic only to be disappointed.

So I think it would be a cool feature if tooltips could display more information, maybe like this:

Of course the texts should be truncated to a reasonable maximum size (in order to avoid something like the sometimes screen-filling tooltips of the NUnit GUI ;-).

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