Add-in Contest Website Live, GhostDoc Now Available

The contest results are not finalized yet, but the official website went live [via Roy]. All add-ins entered in the competition can now be downloaded, GhostDoc is available here.

Edit 2004-08-14: I've disabled the download link that was pointing to version 1.01; the most recent version can be downloaded from the GhostDoc website.


  • Roland,

    Great work on the GhostDoc. I just installed v.1.02 and encountered some issues (the default configuration wasn't quite able to determine what my method names mean). I know you already have v.1.1.0 done, so this may already be fixed...

    What's the timeline for the next release?

  • Hi Oskar, could you please send me some examples by email? Be prepared to be told that some things are "by design" in the current version, but I'm collecting examples of method names that are suited to be turned into a generation rule for GhostDoc.

    Regarding the next release: yes, the code of 1.1.0 is pretty much frozen, but I want to include a CHM help file to replace the single HTML files. The help file is nearing completion, but it takes its time (fortunately many things are only a one-time effort).

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