Intellisense (Wouldn't it be cool, part 2)

Everytime I use intellisense on a class with a lot of members (e.g. a class derived from System.Windows.Forms.Form) I get overwhelmed by the huge dropdown list if I'm looking for a member I don't know the exact name of.

So wouldn't it be cool if instead of this...

... VS.Net 200x would offer something like this:

Hiding inherited members...

...or showing only certain kinds of members (e.g. only events)...

...would be really nice features (and of course something like this is still on my wish list).


  • That's a VERY cool idea! :) I certainly would use this feature.

  • Visual Assist actually does that, just not with a pretty UI like this :)

  • Visual Assist: Most of the information on the company website seems to be related to C++ (where VA seems to rock, no doubt). I didn't try the demo because I currently don't have a beta/demo system set up to try new stuff on. And at 79$ per license I must admit that I'm not really excited... but who knows, maybe the demo will convince me....

  • If you program in C++, yes, the demo will convince you. Also, this product is done well enough that you don't really have to have another system to try it. Easy to remove if (heaven forbid!!) you don't like it.

    At $79 per license, it is a steal!!

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