GhostDoc: Support for VB.Net?

Even though GhostDoc is a tool for C# developers, I had (experimental) support for VB.Net in the 1.9.x versions of GhostDoc. When I had to cut down the feature set for version 2.0.0, I cut the features I cared for the least (that’s the freedom of a hobby freeware project). Well, not being a VB.Net developer at all, VB.Net support was one of those.

After the release, more people than expected have asked about VB.Net support for 2.0.0., so even though I’m not a VB.Net developer and I’m not exactly highly motivated to work on VB.Net support, I’ve decided to take a look into this for the next version. No promises on a release date and if I run into larger problems (which I don’t expect, it should all be a matter of working around slight differences in the Visual Studio file code model), I reserve the right to punt the feature to a later version.

What you VB guys could do is to help me by translating the demo project of 2.0.0 to VB.Net syntax and sending it to me. Sounds like only a small thing, but this definitely would save me some time.

Update 2007–06–04: A huge “Thank You” to Daniel Root for the translation of the demo project.


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