GhostDoc in Upcoming Book "Visual Studio Hacks" by James Avery

Ok, now that the book “Visual Studio Hacks” by James Avery has been announced officially, I’m finally allowed to talk about my (small) contribution to the book: My Visual Studio add-in GhostDoc is one of the “hacks”.

Shortly after GhostDoc won Roy Osherove’s Add-In contest in August 2004, James contacted me to write a quick run-down on using GhostDoc. He couldn’t offer any money (if you wonder why, you should read this), but hey – a few hours work for a free book isn’t too bad ;-)

Let’s see what the editors at O’Reilly thought of my English writing skills (or lack thereof?) and what’s left of my original text…

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  • Congratulations, deserve the recognition. I've been using GhostDoc for a few months now and LOVE it. Thanks for the great software!

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