GhostDoc 1.3.0 Beta 1 Released

I’m pleased to announce that beta 1 of GhostDoc 1.3.0 has been released. A big “Thank You” to the steadily growing number of testers who helped me testing a couple of preview builds, pointed out a few minor issues and gave me an overall “Thumbs up”.

What’s New 

  • New: New rules for using "inherited" documentation, including base class members and members of implemented interfaces. The inherited documentation will be cleaned from single <para> tags and the texts will be tweaked (e.g. when the summar for an interface method starts with "When implemented by a class....", and the summary is inherited by the method that is an implementation).
  • New: GhostDoc updates existing documentation. Empty tags (<summary>, <returns>, <param>) will be filled according to the generation rules, existing text remains unchanged. The update reorders the parameter documentation if the order of the parameter changes, and removes documentation for parameters that no longer exist.
  • New: User defined ("custom") rules using e.g. regular expressions for matching names and/or types.
  • New: New rule for "On..." methods -- no more "Ons the click" ;-)
  • New: Rule for static constructors.
  • New: Rule for the Finalize method (descructor syntax in C#).
  • New: Rule for event handler methods as they are created by the WinForms designer.
  • New: Rule for boolean properties.
  • New: Rules (both custom and built-in) can now be customized by editing templates that are used by the text generation rules.
  • New: Export of partial configurations is now possible (e.g. for exporting only a single custom rule).

What’s Missing

There are a couple of small features I’d like to see in 1.3.0 final. And then there’s a huge update of the help file waiting to be done.


  • When is the final coming out?
    My personal deadline is end of August. 
  • What about VS2005 support?
    I guess i’ll wait for the PDC bits of VS2005


  • Is there any chance of getting support for VS2K5 Beta 2?

  • Support for VS2005 Beta 2: Honestly, the chances are not good.

  • I just wanted to post and say how much I've enjoyed using GhostDoc Roland. It's been a big help and is a must have tool in our office along side Resharper.

  • Yeah! This is a killer app! It has been a big help.

    I'm looking forward to using the new features. :)

  • Yes, this is a truely excellent tool. I've been using it fairly religiously for a while now.

    Yesterday I finally set up NDoc on our class libraries, and the build managed to come up with around 100 missing documentation comments. With the help of GhostDoc it only took around 10 minutes to fill all of these in! (they were mostly simple properties etc).

    Thanks a lot!

    I'm about to download the new version, i'm looking forward to the new features..

    Chad - we use GhostDoc and resharper together too. Great aren't they?

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