Looking back, looking forward...

2005 was an amazing year…

  • GhostDoc became really popular (the VS2005 version alone had over 6000 downloads since the release in early November).
  • The PDC was a great experience, and visiting Microsoft before that was a lot of fun.
  • Being part of the “Show Off” session was nice; unfortunately it was pretty late, so people started leaving the movie theater before my video was even shown.

My plans for 2006 (to be more exact, those related to .NET)

  • GhostDoc: After doing a bit of work after Christmas, it became clear that GhostDoc 2.0 will be a “large” release. Internally I’ll do some heavy refactoring on certain, isolated parts, throwing out some historical junk and moving to “C# 2.0 style” code.
  • Things I want to learn: From my current point of view, WPF is the thing I want to dive into.
  • Things I want to do: I’m in the process of founding a local .NET user group for the Bonn area, called “Bonn to Code” (yup, pun intended – all credit for that name goes to my colleague Jens Schaller).


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