GhostDoc 1.9.4 (for Visual Studio 2005) Released


A couple of issues were found shortly after the release of version 1.9.3 yesterday, so here’s version 1.9.4 of GhostDoc for Visual Studio 2005 (download on the GhostDoc website)

  • Fixed: Installation "for everyone" not working in 1.9.3 (since preview 3).
  • Fixed: Configuration dialog using huge amounts of CPU time when clicking certain parts.
  • Fixed: Inherited documentation in VB.Net sometimes being garbled.

Here’s my usual disclaimer: VB.Net support is regarded as "experimental",  it is turned off by default and you have to turn it on in the configuration dialog.

For a list of what was new in 1.9.3 see this blog post.


  • Could you add a command implement DocumentAndRegion block?

  • Could you describe your feature request in more detail? Please use the "feature requests" part of the GhostDoc forum (see link on the GhostDoc website)

  • I'm getting "Access to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Weigelt\GhostDoc for VS2005\Weigelt.GhostDoc.Installer.InstallState' is denied." at the end of the install... I'm on Vista Beta 2 if that makes a difference and I looked for that file and it doesn't exist on my system so I guess it must be denied because of that (yes, I looked for hidden/system files too).

  • Hi Bill, let's move the discussion to the "bug reports" secion of the GhostDoc forum (where it can be found easily by others). Please open a new thread over there and copy the text of the comment over. Thanks!

  • I wish to thank for the usefull utility.


  • It's the first Software with a detailed description of what to do in case of updating existing versions.

    Many thanx for that!

  • How I can print the documentation ?


  • @Joseph: That's an interesting question (outside the scope of what GhostDoc does). Tools like NDoc or SandCastle are intended to create online help, which in general isn't that well suited for printing. I don't know how well other (commercial) tools support producing printable documentation, maybe somebody else can answer that.

  • I cant seem to make this register (will not show up in add-in manager). I have checked all settings in Visual Studio and the registry according to MSDN. Still not working. Any ideas?

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