My UWP Link List

I’m still at the beginning of my journey into the world of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. In this blog post (which will be updated over time) I’ll collect various links to resources I found interesting and/or helpful – maybe they are of use for other people, too.


  • The Windows Dev Center ( is the starting point for Windows development. Documentation, downloads, samples – it’s here.
    • Get started with Windows apps contains everything to, well, get started. I doubt you’ll find a more clear and concise information about how to do it than this page and its sub-pages (in the past, people actually made it their job to extract information out of wordy Microsoft articles).
  • Back in the Windows 8.x days, side-loading didn’t sound too attractive. Much has changed in Windows 10 and this article sums it up: Sideload LOB apps in Windows 10
  • I wanted a code-signing certificate (not only for my future UWP apps), in the end I chose KSoftware who are an official partner of Comodo.





App Services

App Services are a very interesting concept for UWP applications that are more than just a simple self-contained “app”.

App Services in a Network

Personal Interests

My main motivation to start with UWP apps is to use the graphics and video capabilities that look much more attractive than what WPF has to offer.

Graphics and Animations



Solutions for issues I ran into:


  • FYI: Since the initial post, I fixed the link to Mike Taulty's blog, added the link to App Installer and the section regarding Template 10 (which I'm currently using to write my first larger app).

  • Added links about app services. I use these for communicating between WPF and UWP applications.

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