3 Team System Goodies

Stumbled over 3 different goodies for Team System and CodePlex that will be very valuable to me. Hopefully these will be useful to you too.

CodePlex Source Control Client

This is a command line tool which allows users to work offline (in the "edit-merge-commit" fashion). It's not as full featured as what you can get from the web experience or Visual Studio, but will help doing quick edits. This is the initial release so expect a few issues and bugs out of the gate but it does give us something that we can't get from Visual Studio, anonymous access. So non-developers on a project can pull down the source code with the command line client. Next up should be a Tortoise-like interface that will make it even easier to use (but I can dream can't I?)

Team System Prescriptive Guides

This is a plethora of whitepapers, best practices, videos and standards that you can just use in your organization if you're using Team System. No mess, no fuss. Contains guidance on structuring your solutions, custom check-in policies, branching, and migrating from VSS. Very handy!

Web Access for Team System

This is probably the biggest surprise as I didn't see it coming (but then I'm asleep half the time). MS aquired a company that makes a web based client for accessing Team System (TeamPrise) so now they've got a web client for accessing Team Systems (should work with CodePlex but I haven't tried it yet). Best of all, it's free! Great for non-Windows clients accessing Team Systems if that's useful for you.

And I haven't even got through all my feeds yet!

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  • Actually, it is "Teamplain" and not "Teamprise" that MS Acquired yesterday. There is a difference :-).

    Teamprise continues to exist as their own entity producing a great product for accessing TFS from both Eclipse and non-Windows platforms.

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