SharePoint Code Camp

I recently stumbled over Thom Robbins .NET Weblog (now a new place I visit on a regular basis) and found a cool idea called Code Camp! Code Camp is where you get as many developers together as you can and, well, code. It's somewhat of a new concept (new to me anyways) but really looks like it rocks and has somewhat of an open source quality to it (all code is free and openly shared with everyone). Best of all, it's FREE! The "official" Code Camps are composed of hundreds of developers and there's one coming up in February. Check out the MSDN Code Camp site for more info (although it's pretty slim on details right now). Additionally, Thom published what he calls the Code Camp Manifesto which puts together some simple protocols to follow.

Anyways, the idea really interests me and will be a blast so I'm going to look at organizing a SharePoint Code Camp. On the off-chance I can't get enough raw SharePoint developers (which may not be surprising), I'll look at doing a more general .NET/Web Services Code Camp (perhaps talking to SharePoint, have to get it mixed in there somewhere). I'll hit up the local RD John Bristowe and my MSDN contacts to get something happening in Western Canada for the new year.

As Code Camp content is determined by the community I'll be looking to you to contribute. So come by, learn, teach, have fun, whatever. Let me know if you're interested in attending, participating, helping, etc. and we'll see what we can shake up.


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