SharePoint Podcasting in English

Michael Greth over in Germany has put together a neat podcast on SharePoint, the first one in English. Mike has been doing SharePoint podcasting for awhile now (he's on his 10th one) but this is the first one he's put together in English (with his uber-cool German accent). You can check out Mikes post here or download the MP3 file directly here.

If you don't know what podcasting is, think of it as audio blogging (overly simplified but its the concept). There are also video podcasts but for the most part they're usually audio (MP3, etc.). The term sort of grew out of Apple's iPod but has gone on way beyond that. It's a pretty slick concept and very interesting. In the IT world (and say SharePoint) other than news I'm still trying to figure out how it could be interesting. I used to listen to an internet broadcast audio show (via BluesNews) on Quake and the various FPS happenings out there (can't remember the name of the show) and it was always fun. Having a weekly SharePoint show is a concept too but then there's podcasting so you could just put MP3s up for people to listen to. I'm still just trying to figure out how I could make SharePoint exciting through audio because without a whiteboard and some code samples, I'm a pretty boring guy. There's a pretty cool article on making your own podcasts (as well as how to get them) here so check it out (and don't blame me if you become addicted).

Patrick Tisseghem jumps in for a short bit to talk about the SharePoint Advisor Conference in June as well. I was planning on going to the conference but for some reason nobody got back to me quick enough to get a presentation ready (or I didn't get it submitted in time or some forces of nature prevented me to connect to the city that never sleeps) so again I won't make it (that's 3 conferences I've missed so far this year but for sure I'll be at PDC and the MVP Summit).

Anyways, I'm quite supportive of this and will probably try doing a little of it myself (doing a text blog as well as a podcast or something). Guess my short radio DJ job so many years ago might still pay off. Watch for something silly in this space (more silly than my normal rants) coming soon to a MP3 player near you.

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