Team System Install Update

Just a quick update as I got a lot of emails about Team Foundation server and the fact that it states it needs the April CTP of SQL Server 2005 but that's not avialable on MSDN downloads yet. Yes, it's true but for my tests I had run using the February 2005 CTP. The install worked fine but some features were disabled (Reporting was there but not functional). I guess they'll have the April CTP up shortly so you can do a proper install so it might be best to wait for that. In addition to the SQL Server sillyness, you still need to install Windows SharePoint Services on the server with MSDE because it cannot talk to the SQL Server 2005 instance that Team Foundation uses. So at the end of the day your data server is going to be running SQL Server 2005 and MSDE which also means your project documents cannot exceed 2GB (due to the limit that MSDE has). Clear as mud? Yeah, time to hit the bottle again and wait for another download.


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