Expanding on Expanding and Collapsing Fields in a View

I'm pretty pleased when people get something from my blogs (it sort of validates my existing in this silly world). I'm even more pleased when they expand, extend, and otherwise enhance what started from a simple blog scribble.

One of my fellow MVPs, Renaud COMTE, took my post on creating an toggleable (if that's even a word) DataView (with a little evil JavaScript to expand and collapse large copius amounts of text in a view) and ran with it. Him and his co-worker Eric moved the work I did into the SCHEMA.XML file for a view so it would be part of the normal views in SharePoint. Very nice stuff. You can see the work they did here.

BTW, I really like the .Text skin that Bob Roudebush made which emulates the OneNote look and feel. You can download it from here. Nice stuff.

A couple of other short but somewhat important tidbits for your Friday reading.

  • The Beta 2 Installation Guide for Team Foundation Server is available here. This is updated and different from the one that's included in the DVDs and MSDN download so be sure to grab it and be current.
  • The FabriKam help file is available here. We've been waiting for FabriKam for a long time (and it keeps getting pushed out). I'm interested because of some of new Web Parts in it (like a really cool Multi-doclib viewer) and the solutions that are available in it that you can customize. Guess we'll have to wait a little longer.
  • Finally there's the Virtual Server Deployment Manager. The Virtual Server Deployment Manager provides a streamlined way to manage and deploy Virtual Machines. Using this tool, regular users (not just administrators) will be able to create and manage their own machines, without impacting other users' machines. It's available here.

Have fun and have a great weekend!

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  • We (Renaud and myself) are very proud that you were interested by our little contribution. I'm longing for some new ideas of SharePoint improvement in which I could be helping. I'll be reading your blog impatiently ;-)

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