FabriKam on MSDN

A few weeks ago I order the FabriKam DVD. It never arrived so I guess my order was never processed or delivered. However you can get the FabriKam DVD off of MSDN downloads now. It's under Tools, SDKs, and DDKs | Application Tools, SDKs, DDKs | FabriKam 3.1 and just under 2GB to download. Once downloaded you need to unzip the VPC image which will create your .vmc and .vhd files for running under VirtualPC or Virtual Server 2005.

I spent most of yesterday going through the VM and it looks pretty good. Lots of great source code, tons of documentation and a fully installed and working system out of the box to play with. Includes SQL Server, SharePoint, and BizTalk along with the solution files, source code, etc. Very slick. I did find some of the Web Parts were listed as being unsafe so I had to do a re-registration of them for some of the solutions to work but that could have been me (I was running as Administrator rather than one of the FabriKam users).

If you're looking for business solutions and ideas that use SharePoint, InfoPath, and BizTalk it's a great learning tool to start with.

EDIT: Some people have mentioned they can't find the file. I only have a Universal MSDN account I'm not sure if they've made it available to professional and other MSDN subscriptions but you do need an MSDN subscription to get it. The path is listed above starting under the Tools, SDKs, and DDKs menu in the MSDN downloads. You can try the path here but not sure if it will work for everyone (you will need to sign in via Passport).


  • I'm looking for this download but I could not find it, could please give me the direct URL?

    Thanks. My email is in URL field.

  • I can't find it either. Any chance you could post the URL?

  • I found it fine, but then again I also have a Universal MSDN subscription.

    For me at least, your directions lead me right to it. (BTW, thank you :)

  • That's probably the reason why you found it fine. Soon find out I suppose once my MSDN subscription comes through.

  • I've tried navigating to the page and using the direct url, both do not work. I've got a universal MSDN subscription but I'm UK based, so I assuming the UK don't have access to the vpc yet.

  • Fabrikam arrived finally in post , loaded no problem but it will not accept the password of

    P@ssw0rd. So more frustration

  • For any other late visitors like me, it appears that the FabriKam MSDN download is now directly under the "Tools, SDKs, and DDKs" section as "FabriKam 3.1: The Microsoft Office System Solutions Learning Kit". At least that is the case for my Universal subscription.

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