Get your butt to PDC

Registered last night for PDC (to make the early bird cutoff and save $300). You have until this Friday to cash in on the savings, otherwise you'll pay the full price of $1995USD. Hope to see various bloggers, MVPs, Micrsoquishy guys, and anyone else there. Now I need a good Wi-Fi notebook to take with me to capture notes and do some blogging during the 5 day conference. I've been looking at Motion Computings LS800 as it's smaller than a laptop but bigger than a PDA, but then Alienwares Area-51m 7700 looks too sweet to not get. Let me know what you guys think. The big thing of course is all the new SharePoint stuff as Microsoft will be letting loose and not holding anything back on the next release for SharePoint as well as Office 12 (or whatever it will be called). So get your butt to PDC and see you there!

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  • the little 12" dell is the sweet spot for me

    15" or larger are lousy in tight spaces (as I discovered way too fast after purchasing my first laptop) and with an 8 cell battery I can expect 4-5 hour battery life between charges

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