Wrong or Right, it's all over the frickin' place

While looking through my referrals (yeah, I need a life) I found one from Computerworld which was odd because I had never blogged there nor did anyone that I (normally) know did that linked to my posts. It Seems Mikes article keeps making its rounds and this time ended up in a mish-mash article that lumped "Dell clueless, SharePoint annoying, and Longhorn teaseful" all together. Nice.

What's wrong with Sharepoint? Long-time Microsoft consultant Mike Drips tells us. Paul Schaeflein rebuts some points and later summarizes other posts. MS blogger Robert Scoble responds, adding his own list. IBM blogger Ed Brill finds the blog responses from the MS community "interesting." Canadian MVP Bill Simser has his own take. Ferris Research is looking for your opinions and offering a nice bribe inducement.

Now if we could just generate as much energy over helping understand and make the product better the world might be an easier place to live.

P.S. Can't anyone ever spell my first name right? I know it's odd but is too much to ask?


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