PDC Day 00 (Later that same afternoon)

Wow. What is it with me and trips? I come to a new city and first there's a terrorist threat, then I lose my camera and now there was a power blackout. I was heading back from PDC to the hotel and we started to hit various traffic lights that were out. After driving for awhile, we noticed it was a blackout. I hopped off the bus and asked a couple of LAPD officers walking the beat here in Little Tokyo and they said it was out for about half an hour. I was going to just hop back onto the bus and head back to PDC (where there is power) but as I walked into my hotel, the lights came back on. I personally attribute it to my own electric personality. Looking down the street, all the lights are blinking but at least they're powered now.

What is it with drivers? When the lights go out, you treat the intersection as a 4 way stop. Here in L.A. the drivers basically run as they see a whole, and god help any pedestrian running across the street at the time. Anyways, on the bus ride back to the hotel we passed through various districts. The jewelry district was cute but nothing I need (right now). Then we hit the fashion district. Good to know. I saw a trickle of electronics store scattered amongst the Gucci knock-offs but then lo and behold... the TOY district! Yahoo. I'm going shopping (as long as the power lasts anyways).

Flickr (no pics yet but there is hope in sight courtesy of the TOY DISTRICT!)
Google Maps where I'm staying (Miyako)

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  • Thanks for letting the power come back up though - it was getting a bit dark in here. :)

    Where is the toy district? I've never been able to find a decent place to play in LA... I usually end up driving out to Fry's or somewhere similar.

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