PDC Day 03 (T-Shirt Frenzy)

When there's no more room in Hell, the geeks will scrounge for free schwag. At least that was the scene today as the Channel 9 guys handed out PDC shirts to what seemed like everyone at the conference. The catch with these shirts is that they're all unique with spiffy geek phrases (mine said "No, I will not fix your computer... until after PDC05). Jeff, Scoble and the rest of the Channel 9 gang (including the big guy himself, no not that big guy but the foam one) were on hand tossing shirts around, taking video and pics, and generally having a great time. Hope you got yours.

It's been a fairly lax day (18,120 steps, 13.72 miles) as I wandered about the SharePoint lounge, took in a couple of sessions on workflow, and generally just watched things like the exhibitors booths tear down. I met up with Julie Lerman today who was hosting a BOF session this evening about Going Solo. It was a great session with a good turnout from lots of people (Rob Howard even poked his head in) and a lot of great discussion around going solo, working for yourself, and generally making it in the real world (and sustaining whatever "it" is). I snapped some pics of the whiteboard where we captured some trains of thought and resources so check Julie's blog as she'll provide a summary with links (at least that's what we told her she had to do <evil grin>)

Tommorow is the last day with a few more SharePoint sessions to go and goodbyes to say to everyone. I'm staying in L.A. through Saturday as I want to check out the facsinating architecture in and around town and generally do the touristy thing (any suggestions for places to go let me know). Will be blogging next week as I sift through a few thousand notes on SharePoint and what I can blog about vNext along with some stuff that I've had in the works for the vThis version. Night, night.

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