It's good to be home

Back in Calgary after a week in sunny L.A. It's good to be home but took me awhile to get going. When I returned one of my development PCs had decided to do some Windows updating while I was gone (how nice of it) and ended up getting screwed up on reboot as it looked for hal.dll (I'm sure some of you have seen that before). Had to fiddle with some drives but got it back now.

Kit Kai, a fellow MVP, has posted a series of great articles on allowing a team to edit a document together. It's broken down into 4 articles and you can check out the series here:

Finally there's a global MVP summit coming up at the end of the month. A week from now I'll be down in Redmond hanging with the SharePoint dudes and having a grand time with other MVPs. It's quite an event as MVPs from all around the world get together and have a good time. Unfortunately for some, their governments (for whatever reasons) have denied issuing visas to them. The MVPs from Sri Lanka won't be attending the summit which is too bad as global should mean global and not "everyone except these countries..." So Jinath, Manzi, and Prasanna won't be joining us in Washington next week. We'll remember to raise a glass to you and get you some cool schwag.


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