PDC fallout

I've finally got caught up on everything that happened at PDC (as well getting my system back online at home). I'm starting a series of SharePoint V3 Deep Dives next week focusing on various new features so stay tuned for that. The week will be cut short as I'm off to Redmond on Wednesday for the MVP Summit and I think all of it will be NDA so no blogging (but I'll post pics on my Flickr site of other MVPs getting drunk which should be good for blackmail sometime in the future).

Stramit (among others) has a great blog posting with links to all the non-NDA PowerPoint presentations on Office 12 and SharePoint V3. Check it out. There's also a whack of other slide decks here as well for the rest of the conference covering Vista, Windows Workflow, and other next year goodness.

Finally I just got an email today about Amazon and Microsoft hosting a Developer Challenge. It's dated September 12 and was supposed to be done at the launch of PDC but for whatever reason it dropped in my inbox this morning (you probably already know about so ignore this passage if that's the case). First place is $5,000 of Amazon bucks and there are some pretty good runner up prizes (like an X-Box 360 which is always good). Basically build an interesting application using the Amazon Web Services. The contest runs through until December 31 so there's plenty of time to check out the details here and get building!


  • See you on the summit :-)

  • A few tips on blackmail.

    In blackmail you *hold back* the pictures of MVPs getting drunk. You then threaten to publish them or else.

    You do not publish them first and then, uuum, threaten to publish them.

    Further handy tips at


    (Yes, you should have stopped IPs from Finland getting through to your blog!)

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